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A Capital Christmas - Coming 11/4/2024!

The District of Columbia in 1859 isn't the nicest place to live, but Fiona Ellicott loves her job as the director of the Smithsonian Institution Library. The Smithsonian's first paid female employee, she delights in working at "the Castle." She only wishes she weren't losing her assistant—and best friend—Nicole to marriage. Quaker Caleb Fox stays so busy running a Friends' orphanage in Georgetown that he rarely pauses to think about romance. But all that changes when he visits the Smithsonian Library to research a lesson for the children and meets Fiona. Soon, they're organizing a charity concert for the children to perform at the Castle on Christmas Eve… and falling hopelessly in love. But married women are typically barred from the professions, and Fiona faces a choice that will end in heartbreak either way.

Second Chances in Hollywood

In 1959 Hollywood, nurse Josie Donovan unexpectedly lands a role on a television Western. Determined to steer clear of a romantic relationship, she finds herself drawn to her costar, Robert Coolidge, anyway. Lonely and missing his young son, Robert adores Josie from the start. But when a goodnight kiss goes wrong, Robert's alone again. When Robert falls seriously ill on set, however, and needs Josie's nursing skills, the pair finds themselves at a crossroads. Robert, who never talks about himself, will have to open up, and Josie must have courage, if either of them is to have a second chance at love.