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"Sarah is absolutely amazing. Seamlessly blending in-line comments with well-articulated emotional feedback, she encompasses the entire spectrum of editing. She has edited multiple books of mine, and her encouragement and sharp eye for detail has been so deeply invaluable. I don't know what I would do without her. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to bring their work to the next level." - Jennifer Leigh Pezzano, author of The Life We Dream Of


"Sarah Hendess is a fantastic editor! She helped me by beta reading my novel Before It's Too Late and my upcoming release Worth the Wait, and her feedback was phenomenal. Not only did she point out what needed work, she gave me suggestions about how to fix it, which I really appreciate. But don't worry, she also tells you what she loves and with a burst of her entertaining personality to boot. Sarah is a whole lot of fun to work with, and my books would never be what they are today without her!" - Millie Shepherd, author of Before It's Too Late and the upcoming release Worth the Wait